The Lucid Dreamer

lucid dreamerPeople sleep so that their bodies can recover from the efforts of the day. There are people who are light sleepers and then there are those who are lucky enough to achieve the deep sleep every single night. For those who are deep sleepers, they are able to reach the state of REM with ease. When this sleeping state is achieved, their minds open up for dreaming.

When it comes to the normal way of dreaming, the subconscious works to loom a spontaneous series of stories in the mind of the dreamer. These dreams can end on happy notes or they can lead to nightmares, whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain and that is that the person has zero control over the events that will take place during the course of the dream. In some cases, people recall their dreams long after they have awaken but there are times when people completely forget what happened in a dream.

It is said that for those who are unable to recall their dreams, lucid dreaming should be considered. Lucid dreaming is the kind of dream state that exists in between the state of deep sleep and the state of being awake. In this case, lucid dreaming is the art of dreaming with awareness. Here is where the lucid dreamer consciously knows what is taking place during the course of the dream. Because of this, the lucid dreamer has full control of the events that take place. In this case, the lucid dreamer is able to control what is virtually uncontrollable. He or she gets to knowingly participate in the dream.

Although lucid dreaming has been proven to work, it is not as easy to achieve especially for those who are new to the concept. There are plenty of things that people should understand before they can pertain to themselves as a lucid dreamer. There are different techniques that need to be taken into account, practiced, and perfected before this dream state can be achieved without flaws.

For those who want to see if they are indeed a lucid dreamer, a site called lucid dream technique dot come should be visited.


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